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Reaper Guild for Guild wars?


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Is there a Reaper Guild for Guild wars.. I recently quit the guild I was in because of some racist comments that were made by the Guild leader.. and we disagreed that even joking that it was still racist though she disagreed with me :(


Oh well glad to be out of that guild.. so I was wondering is there a Guild formed of Reaper Peeps?



If so can someone send me an invite..


Ashford Silvermane is my IGN :)

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Top Posters In This Topic

It's a small guild but it's the Onyx Legion (q.v. The Overlords from Warlord) with the tag [Onyx]. Just a name, no cloak or whatever.


Due to time/work constraints we're not always online (or at least, not online as much as we'd like).


It was created to be PVP focused (i.e. roleplay, crafting, etc. all are for the PVP).


If you're interested, just look for "Muireann Rua" "Gerard the Wolf" most nights between 7pm and 11pm CST or optionally if you can get online during the day and post your hours I can get you in during the reaper lunch hour (1pm-2pm CST).

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