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Tharian, Vampire


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Another *bladow!* sculpt by Julie Guthrie. An instant classic if you ask me.


I love how he's floating above the ground held up by the ends of his cloak. A great little trick of the sculpt that really shows off the prowess of the sculptor. Julie Guthrie is on my watch list lately, I try to pick up all of her new works as I'm so impressed by them.


The design on the back of the cloak was done from the imagination, basically just doodling back there.


I wanted the base to be understated so the floating effect could be shown off to it's fullest.

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Heh, I was like 'ho-huum' on the miniature for the first one - yeah it is nice, but nothing special, then I got to the second picture and said 'wow'.

I thought the same thing.


The eye and free hand doodling is super. Totally sells the mini.

I have to concur to some extent with Father, too. . .not quite "ho-hum" but something like that.


And then, yes. . .the reverse shot. :wow:


You know what. . .I'm not even really going to say anything. There are no words to describe my admiration for that work (other than these, I guess). Why does the selection of smilies not include an applauding one?



-- Flow

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