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Nienna, Elf Ranger


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I'll end up photographing this mini again as the Dulcote wasn't completely dry in these shots, giving her a nice shine in the folds of her cloak. Sorry for the shiny. :blush:


Anyways, as I started painting her I was beset with the idea of giving her an Autumn style scheme, as if she could just disappear within the fall foliage with nary a trace. This was harder than it sounds however as initially she was screaming for a "green green green and more green" paintjob. The hardest part of painting this mini was working out the appropriate "Fall" colors for her kit. I would have liked to have used those Hudson and Allen fall leaves on the base, but I've never been able to lay my hands on any so I used some "Fall foliage" from Woodland Scenics instead.


here's to the upcoming Fall season and an end to oppressive heat of the Summer! :blues:

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is that using the clear red? If so, are you using it over anything or just straight over the primer?

Yep, I do use the Clear Red now as part of my new Red recipe. Thanks much for that, it really comes in handy. ^_^


Although it's more complex than just using the clear though. Let's see, I start with a dark reddish purple brown base and then use Liquitex Cadmium Tube Red to add to the mix, mixed up with a little Clear Red. I just keep going up in strength until I reach the Tube paint color and slowly mix in Vermillion (VMC) and highlight with straight Beige (VMC) then I go back and glaze the highlights down with Clear Red + Fire Red (MSP) mixed with a Glazing additive to unify the tones.


This red really looks good in hand, I'm pretty happy with it as it's not that hard either, the tube paints and the clears work well together for getting that vibrant and intense look that I like.


Also thanks all for the comments, much appreciated. :poke:

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Hey star, maybe you would consider doing the wood elf king mini in a fall color scheme. i have been wanting to try this ever since the mini came out, and i saw John Bonnots version of it in the painted minis section of the website. he painted it in a very elven scheme, with a browns and greens. but the gold trim and reddish brown cloth really got my painting wheels turning, and i wanted to see it done in a fall colors.

so what do you say-wanna give it a try?

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