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Krylon grey primer

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Rather then going the expensive GW route, I went to the local Walmart and Benjamin Franklin craft store to see what they had in the way of primer. All they had was krylon primer in shades of white, grey brown and black. Are they any good for mini work, especially the grey primer since the white were out of stock at Walmart?
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We've had this thread on the Painting section of the Forum, but I'll make my 2 cents known:


Krylon White Spray Primer is your new Gawd.


Seriously, it's great stuff.


Read the thread 'Primers' in the Painting area and a lot of pros and cons are discussed there.


--and remember! It's supposed to be fun!



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yes there is a difference.

I may have been a little off on the "sandable" primer, but, there is a primer/filler that is meant to cover up and fill in scratches when doing car repair or similar apps.


basically it comes down to reading the can. I find that the 99centprimer at wal-mart is pretty mich the same as the $3 Krylon stuff

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I find that I prefer grey primer.  This is especially helpful when the mini you are painting has armor, because then you really do not need to use to much paint on the armor as it is already grey.  I find that grey primer works well because it is dark enough to provide a good base for dark colors, yet it does not voerpower some lighter colors like black primer will.  What you choose for a rpimer though is a matter of personal preference.
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