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I know it has been a while but... (many images)


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It's been a few months since I've posted in the showoff forums but I'll make up for it here tonight..


I had my dad take the photos, now that he's retired he plays photographer at weddings and such and I wanted to see how he photo'd minis. He took some artistic license as you can see. I'm going to build him one of those diffuse light boxes with the normal fade back drop, but he sure had a fun time crawling through the grass as he took my miniatures onto the field, literally.


Here is an Ettin from the old WOTC Chainmail series, from many positions!






Customary Reaper Board Booty Shot!




Standard Gib Dub Space Ork Warboss...





The Artistic Shots!


Are you afraid of the dark? You'd better be as monsters are afoot!


Cryx Bonejack




I gonna eat you!!







I'll get some better pictures up eventually, but I thought I'd share my dad's adventures with minis sunday with you all!

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Very nice work, I especially like the robot thingy, that is really excellent metallic work. The Gobo is a might scary, you did a great job capturing the character in the face fo the sculpt. The ogre looks good as well, but the greys and the metallics all blend together and confused my eye. It could have been the lighting.

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Fantastic work with the photos BP ... hats off to your Dad.

Those are great!

Oh yeah ... like the painting too (*lol*).

The Ettin is my favorite ... how big is this bad boy anyway?

Thanks for sharing.

Heh.. thanks.. i'll pass on the word to the old man... its a bit of a drive to get them up to him but if I can get him trained properly it saves me from having to learn how to do it.


The Ettin is just under 2 1/2" (6.5cm) tall from bottom of foot (not base) to top of head (the left head from our perspective) and from foot to raised fist he is just under 3" (7.0cm).


Pity they are oop because it was a really fun model to paint.

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