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DHL #2906: Praying Paladin


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Since everyone else is posting their's, here is my version.





Left side:






Right Side:



This is the first time I have used decals on a mini. The one on his scabbard came out great. The one on his right shoulder did not. Ah well, his armor is battle worn. Yeah, that's the ticket. ::D:

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That metallic work looks nice.  I think the crown of his hair could use more highlights to depict the light reflecting off of his hair.  What is the decal from?

I got it when I was at the Reaper Store in Denton back in May. It has two R's in red. They say they were made by Fighting Pirannha Graphics.


I am going to put them on Shields for some grunts I picked up. I'm using the RR for the Red Raven Guild (Adventurers guild in Cormyr from the Forgotten Realms).

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I think you've done a great job with the metallics - they have alot of depth to them. I also like how you painted the base. The rocks look good and the grass is nice with those yellow dots on it. :)


I think that the red/orange background is too much interference, though. In the future, I would suggest getting a neutral gray piece of paper, or some shade of blue, to take pictures in front of. I think it'll improve the quality of pics alot. :)



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