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The Gus Landt Collection

Gus Landt

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Well, I have finally gotten around to making a site of my miniature collection. To start things off, I am just doing the top shelf of my main display cabinet. I'll need to do the math, but I believe there is about $12,000 - $15,000 worth of lead on that shelf alone. :B):


Anyway, here is the oft-requested, long-awaited site of my collection. ^_^

Gus's Showcase

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Top Posters In This Topic

Great to see them all in one place. A wonderful collection indeed. Interestingly, Glyn and Krista are the only painters in that list that I haven't actually met. I have of course seen 90% of those miniatures online or in books, and had the privilage of seeing about 10 of them in person.

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Thank you everyone for letting me know you enjoyed checking it all out! I always bring along a few pieces with me to every convention I go to, so hunt me down to see some in person. ^_^


I'm afraid to ask how many shelves there are total
There are 5 shelves total, but the top one has probably 2/3rd of the total dollar value. The top shelf is most of my high-priced figures. ^_^


Hey, Liliana isn't the only thing in Colorado... We could use another gamer!
I am actually travelling to Colorado next week for a few days to scope out the place. If Texas doesn't pan out for us, Colorado is our 2nd choice! ::D:


And where are the Gus and Angela painted minis?
They're not even in the display case, but in a seperate wall unit just for our minis. I'll get to them eventually! :B):


I'd be afraid of moving all of them when it comes time for your trek to Denton
We actually move every single year, so I've got the routine almost down. Of course, in the past 5 years, all our moves have been within 30 miles. :blush:


I have of course seen 90% of those miniatures online or in books
I get a huge kick out of browsing through the CMoN annual or the new Darkson Designs painting guide, and seeing so many minis in there that are on my shelves! :bday:
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