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Infinity sci-fu manga game

Chairman Aeon

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We recently got some recent releases at the FLGS. I like the anime-inspired look of some of the models, but geez, like I have time to paint stuff for systems I play (Hordesmachine and Malifaux) as well as systems I'm getting ready to play (Warlord)

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...and four short months later my buddy and I have pretty much bought out the Yu-Jing we stocked at the store. Fortunately I ran into a guy who was in the process of picking up a bit of PanO stuff, so at least I may get to face a non-YJ faction in my first five games. The rules are pretty solid, but I'll be immersing myself in the FAQ sometime this week just to check out the various "if x can y..." situations others have experienced. Now all I need is a ninja for forward hacking shenanigans and I'll be happy.

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Actually, the TAG suits (the small-mecha exoframes) look to be based off the LandMates from Appleseed. There's a lot of head design for the TAGs that resemble LandMates and even Briarios' head (with the rabbit-ear-like antennae).


Except for some of the drones, it has much more the feel of Appleseed than Ghost in the Shell. Not to take anything away from either series - both are great SF manga.


As for the anime - the newer Appleseed presentation wasn't good, IMO. I didn't like the CG of the characters. Looked weird. The older OVA stuck to the manga a bit more, even if Shirow had creative differences with the animation studio in the end.


Ghost in the Shell - the movies (Oshii's work) is very Oshii-esque, and while ok movies, doesn't stick to the canon that well. He did the same thing with Patlabor, back in the day, for the movies, and they're very different from the manga and the TV series.


GitS - Stand Alone Complex - the TV series for GitS is much more like the manga (first series). Pretty well done, decent stories and good use of mecha/weaponry, save maybe the weirdness of the Tachikoma. As far as I've seen, it's nothing like Man-Machine Complex (GitS 2), as Section 9 and most of the characters from the first series barely show up.


Take what you like - other than the recent Appleseed, I'd say most of it is very watchable. And both Appleseed and GitS seem to have elements in Infinity.


My 2 yen,




EDIT: Damn, I need to read the dates of posts more. Anyhow, if there's anyone still reading this - hope this helps! :lol:

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