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Infinity sci-fu manga game

Chairman Aeon

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I recently stopped worrying about whether my FLGS can get them. Corvus Belli has a couple of solid suppliers in the US, one of whom is the Warstore. If my FLGS really wants my money they'll find a way to get something for me. If they can't do something as simple as sending a fax to Neal to get Warstore distribution set up, then Neal will get my money directly.

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Larger pics are up for many of the models, head to the gallery sections on infinitythegame.com


Also, the minis included in the starter packs are all together:





The starter packs shake out to about $7 per mini depending on where you buy, and include quick-start rules.

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They're big minis. Imported from Spain.


Sounds like they won't play well with other figs? Pity.


I still like the design and hopefully the quality is good.


I'm starting to lean more towards the higher-price-and-better-quality side of things, and will probably pickup a few.


*twiddles thumbs and waits for AICOM*

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Let's see if we can get another never ending thread going.


New Infinity minis:

Highlander and line Kazak with rocket launcher:



Guijia and Tiger Soldiers, Squeeee!



Sikh Commando:



Maybe it's because I'm getting hooked on Evangelion (I know!), and the second season of GITS just started here, but I am all kinds of giddy over the new Yu Jing. Going to have to sell myself to some drug trials to afford them though. But hair loss and mild hallucinations are a small price to pay for new minis!

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