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14064 Khadath, Mummy Captain


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Everyone, thanks for all the critiques and compliments.


This is my fav of all your postings. I love the metallics.

This one and Netikerti turned out the best. Netikerti's pic doesn't do her justice. I am still working on better images to post here and on ReaperGames.com


Wow Dewen, you're really pumpin the Nefsokar out! I think they all look really good, but this one's probably my favorite of the bunch. Keep up the good work!


-Kel (who gets really excited when people that play Warlord actually paint their models!)

Trying to get a painted army for the battlefield. Thanks for the compliment. I have little time to paint, so an army could take me a loooooong time to get finished. I am not an experienced painter either, which means more time on a mini. I spent little time on the grunts and some time on this guy and the other uniques.


Looks great dewen. Well done gem work. Say, what's your bandage recipe? I'm working on #2077 and can't get it to look right.

I can post the recipe because I actually wrote it down. I will get that to you. The minis I recently posted have been painted over the past several months. I wanted the bandages to look similar from mini to mini. I keep a "recipe diary". When you only have a couple hours here and there to paint, you write down the steps. When the opportunity to paint arrives, I can be ready to continue where I left off or attempt to have consistent results from one model to the next.


- de

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