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Hurricane Rita


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::P: Orchid and Garm are here (and Rex).


They got to Denton just about an hour ago and are getting some rest now. It has been a very arduous 2 days.


Everyone who e-mailed me with offers to assist - I promise to write you all tomorrow, but I am going to bed now (It's 4am local time). Once we're all up and running, I'll provide instuctions.


I would like to publicly express how much it has meant to me, and to everyone else at Reaper that has been folowing this, how much yall have turned out to support this family in need. Truly, this Board is home to some very special people! :wub:


AMEN! Thank G-d they got there safely. I worried about them a good chunk of the night before I finally fell asleep myself. I checked my cell phone messages this morning hoping there was one from them that they were safe.


All of you at Reaper should be thanked, because without your ability to communicate with her and coordinate things, the ability of some of us to help her wouldn't have been as good as it was. I know had I not known where she was heading and going to be staying it would have been very hard for me to track her down to wire her money. Bryan, you especially need a great big hug and a pat on the back for all you did in this effort. Give Them all a hug for me at Reaper and Make sure Orchid, Garm and the rest of their family (pets included) get a big hug also. Thank you!

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OK - So many people have inquired on how to help, I figure I'll post it here,


They have acquired a WalMart Gift Card which can be recharged over the phone - with no fee paid by you for recharging.


the phone # to recharge it is 1 888 537 5503 (Or visit Walmart.com)

the card # (I'm formatting it funny for security reasons)











The P I N (You will need to recharge)









I know they are out of the danger path of the Hurricane, but they are now stranded 250 miles form home with nothing but what they could fit into their car, so help is still appreciated.



And once again, Thank everyone so much. :wub: We are taking them up to Reaper HQ now, and I will let them use my computer in my office there to log in and give a personal thanks to everyone.

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Hi everyone!




We are sitting at Reaper HQ now. Rex is downstairs painting, Allen is talking gaming, and I am up here at Bryan's computer.


The bird is in the living room at Bryan and family's home, the cat's are in the garage just happy to not be confined to the cat carrier, both of them were stuffed into a carrier meant for one cat for the entire duration of the trip.


In the most desperate and frightening moments of our ordeal (including the fact that the fuel truck that stopped at the station was not delivering, but fueling themselves up to get that gas somewhere else, there were hours more spent at that station after that) we were able to look at each other at find some comfort and peace in knowing that there were people out there that actually cared about us as individuals. It sounds a little selfish, but when we pulled out of the driveway we were embarking on this with the feeling of being totally alone, my father had left in his RV out of the Houston area Sunday, so we could not even get ahold of him for moral support, as his cell phone was not in a covered area.


I am going to get all of my thought a little more organized after I have had more sleep, as I am feeling a little shell-shocked from that whole exodus, so please pardon any total rambling moments.


Thank you to all of you, you all made this so much easier to bear, just knowing you were there and wanting to help, I have never gone to hide to cry so many times in my life, I was not going to let Rex see me like that because I told him at the beginning of all this (last sunday when it hit me that this thing was coming for our area no matter what the news or anyone else had to say, I just knew, and became obsessed with being proven wrong), when all he could put with the word hurricane was NOLA,

"You need to calm down, this is another day, another place, and another storm. Besides, is Mama panicking?"

"No." says Rex

"Well, as long as Mama is not panicking, there is no reason for you to, alright?"

"Ok Mama."

And off he went to play


I managed in the confines of that car for all those hours to never let him see the fear and desperation that I felt so many times, or to let him see me almost break down every time we would see a fuel truck just pass our station by, or all the other little moments that I feared would finally be my breaking point.


We will be getting in touch with FIMA to see what they are going to be doing to help those in situations like ours, if anything.


Again, thank you to every single one of you that sent their well wishes through Bryan, it helped us more than you will ever be able to imagine.


Our current status is trying not to think about the evac (and just as bad, the eventual return), but instead to spend a little while of relaxation and kind of pretend as best we can that we are up here for no reason other than to visit friends. :;):


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not sure that we would have made it through all of that mentally and emotionally intact without ya'll.


To all of you, and especially those that are fretting not being able to help us in a "tangible" way, you helped, you, each of you, just by caring, personally helped keep at least out family from being ravaged by this storm. We will find a way around the hurdles still before us, but our hearts and minds survived only thanks to all of you.


I am going to go finish crying over that last part now, and get back downstairs to my husband and my son.


Thank you, a million times, thank you all.

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You are very Welcome Orchid. Very welcome indeed. I'd do it all over again for you too in a heartbeat. Get some rest, relax, paint some minis and try to clear your mind. You sound absolutely beat up. You have my number, feel free to give me a call if you want. I have the day off, my second job called and said they didn't need me at all this weekend. So feel free to give me a dial.


*lots of hugs*

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I'm just thankful that you and yours are safe, finally. I was barely getting any work done because I was worrying so much. Now just spend the week up there, let the traffic die down, and wait until the authorities say it's okay. Also, recoup your strength mentally and physically, and know that even though there might be some time missed from work, you have people who will help you. I'm not sending you any money right now. I'm saving it for you so in two or three weeks, when you're going to need it again, you'll have a little bit. Just PM me and I'll get you what I can. I promise. :;):


And now you can relax in knowing that you aren't alone, ever. ::D:

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My brother and sis-in-law finally got here. My dad and stepmom though.. can't contact them. ::(: Haven't heard from them in 2 days. I do know they ran out of gas in Livingston Thursday, but we haven't heard from them since :unsure:


Ska, that's horrid! I hope they are alright and just don't have the means to contact you. *hugs* You're in my prayers.

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Only the twenty-four elderly who were on the bus that caught fire then exploded near Dallas. No reported fatalities (yet) attributed directly to Rita (that I know of).


I'm still in worry mode until I hear from the rest of my family. Still no word of cousins or great-aunt or great-uncle.

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Only the twenty-four elderly who were on the bus that caught fire then exploded near Dallas. No reported fatalities (yet) attributed directly to Rita (that I know of).


I'm still in worry mode until I hear from the rest of my family. Still no word of cousins or great-aunt or great-uncle.





I'm sure they are alright Ary. You'll hear from them, I know you will. Phone lines are down so it make take some time.

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