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Kaladrax (Dracolich)


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That is one nasty-looking undead dragon. And by "nasty-looking", I mean ancient, creepy, evil, and terrifying. Great job!


The darker rust-browns and blacks at the joints and in the hollows makes him look like he clawed his way out of the ground, while the bleached-white looks like the bones have been exposed (without flesh) for a long while. The colors you used on his wings makes them look like old, dry, rotten leather, which adds to the ancient look.


I don't know if it's a naturalistic representation of either an old or fresh skeleton, but it works for an undead dragon. As a gaming miniature (Miniature, ha! He looks huge!) he would work for either a mindless, animated skeleton, or a thoroughly evil dracolich. I'd both love and hate to see him show up on the table.


Great mini!

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I really like the bone work. What tutorial is this?


The tutorial was personal experimentation. . . I could tell you what I did though. . .



1. Brown Ink over the entire dragon

2. Dry brush rotting flesh

3. Dry brush bleached bone

4. Dry brush skull white (just areas I wanted to look clean)

5. Touch up areas I wanted to look old w/ light amount of brown ink



1. Brown Ink

2. Flesh Ink

3. Snakebite leather dry brush

4. Snakebite/white dry brush


That was it. . . took a long time, but I think it came out looking realistic


Looks good. Need at least one large version of photo #2 or 3.


I've always loved the Dracolich from D&D and was impressed Reaper had a model. Will have to add it to the wish list.


Couldn't fit a larger pic in cause of file size restrictions unfortunately. . .

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Does anyone know how I can increase my Global Space Left (under file attachments). . . the forum won't even let me start another new topic saying I don't have enough space??? I also would like to post some of the requested pictures of Kaladrax (ie . . . close up of wings, larger full body pics). Thanks for your help/suggestions

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