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Greens 9/21/05


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Nai - great sculpt. He really should be on a larger base though. The base underneath him just disappears.


Vampiress - Great body. Something is not quite right with the arms, but I don't know what. Love the accessories.


Noreth - He would make a good vale longthorn substitute with a few modifications.


Gar Ironhorn - May make a good Durgam alternate, if a bit boring.


Fire Sorceress - Very dynamic, but she looks like a casting nightmare. Great detail though.


Hey honey, watch what you say about great bodies (you know I read this forum :poke: )


Anyway, my sentiments exactly on all these models...I'm thinking Kevin had a heart attack when the fire sorceress appeared in the mail and you can forget about base to base contact with Nai.


overall, very nice batch indeed! ::D:


debby ^_^

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I almost think the swords on Kai are too big. Hey, I said almost. Very cool sculpt indeed and cant wait to add him and the other soon to be released Repti to my group.


I think Raam is my favorite so far because of the pose.


But all will easily find a nice place to fit.

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Vampiress ... bestest figure evar! I demand a whole line of Suicide Girls miniatures. :devil:




You going to hold them ransom for that perhaps? :lol:


Personally I just see lots of possibilities with the mini itself, not counting it's "bits."

Paint it up to look like a harem girl or some other scantily clad woman, minus the fangs. ::D:

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