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Lupine Troop


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I promised all those going to Nukecon a sneak peek at the minis I painted for tournament prizes. The winner of the Warlord tournament at the Con takes ll six of these babies home with em. Believe me, I'm parting with them with a great gnashing of teeth, and the winner may have to pry them from my fingers. :rolleyes:


This is the Lupine Lord...






This is the Lupine Shaman...





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Nice looking group. I forgot that Reaper makes these very "Rackhamesque" minis. The winner should definately be pretty stoked, that's a great prize package.


"Rackhamesque"? :rolleyes: Reapers Lupines are leaps and bonds above confrontations balding/ mange-prone wolfen. The muscles and cleavage of the wolfen are fine for furverts, but give me Reaper's Lupines anyday.


Truely a wonderful set of minis to use for a Werewolf:Dark Ages game.

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That is an AWESOME prize package you've painted up there! Makes me want to come play in your tourney (not that I'd have a chance of ever winning)


debby ::D:


Well that was the general idea. ::D:


Seriously, this isn't something you'll see me doing every convention. Since Matt is coming up as a Guest of Honor though, we wanted to do something special. And believe me, the thought of passing off the tournament to one of the other Black Lighting guys to run so I can play for keeps has crossed my mind, but no I have to unselfish.


Thanks for all the comments folks, I appreciate them. Even with the time crunch I was under, these minis were an absolute joy to paint. I guess parting with them is a little easier becasue I have no qualms about painting these figures again. The detail on them is awesome, but it's not so over crowded as to be tedious.


A few of you mentioned the variations int he fur. When I started looking at wolf photos I noticed a wide variety of coloration, even amongst members of the same pack, and that no two were a like and rarely all one color. So I tried to make them all unique. There are two that look the same in the picture, but they are actually very different. The coloration is subtle because they are the same base color scheme, but one is primarily dark, the other primarily light. The back photos show this more prominently.


If you've never painted these figs, do it. They are a blast to work on because you can do so much with them without killing yourself.


As a side note, each Rager has between 20-24 different MSP's used on each one. Most of the furs used 6 different colors in layers and blends. The armor is layered metalics: Shadowed Steel Base, Blue Liner wash/glaze, Layers of Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel, Polished Silver, studes done Ancient Bronze with New Gold Highlights. The armor is what I used to make them all look like a unit.

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