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there are alot of CAVs in the Terran barn I like such as the Regent, Starhawk 6, Thunderbird, Ronin and Katana...

You should really dig the Thunderhawk then. You'll just have to be patient to find out what it is. :ph34r:


Charvel Mark IV GGCs? And Tower III DFMs? On a T-Bird Chassis? Inquiring minds want to know!


I'd invest in that for sure.



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For Terran specific models:


- (Fire Support) Thunderbird: IMO, this is the best CAV in the game, if you can afford it (points-wise). It has all the gadgetry (excepting ECM/EST, which could be added if you want) that a Terran could want, two IFM IA's that are extremely powerful (as you know :devil: , especially with adjustable munitions) and two good DA guns in case something gets too close our you get bored killing stuff w/ IAs. Only potential drawback is its speed. For a less expensive option, the Regent is decent and adds AA.


- (Attack) Starhawk VI: One of the best 'general-purpose' CAVs available. Good armor and speed, decent weapons. The guns and DFMs have decent RAVs and are effective against both hard/soft targets. For a vehicle, the Wolf is more flexible than the Naginata.


- (Gunship) Merlin: Again IMO, this is the best gunship out there. Think of it as being like a Huey or Blackhawk, a dependable multi-purpose troop transport that has been modified with weapons (idea of door guns/rocket pods/missile pods etc. on Huey/Blackhawk). Good speed and protection. I like fielding them as attack craft, either in flight sections or as a transport section. The Condor would be more like a Chinook.


- (Recon) Talon: It has the electronics needed for an effective recon unit, good speed, and has an IFM with piercing (so it doesn't have to expose itself to incoming fire). Depending on the terrain, the Ashigaru is excellent. It is limited as to what kind of terrain it can traverse.

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