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All-Terrain Monkey

Asylum Testing 23 September 2005

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Here's what we came up with during this week's testing of Warlord at the Asylum. It was a pretty crazy Friday here at ReaperHQ so there's not a lot of Warlord goodness. All topics have the ReaperMatt seal of approval and are official. All pertinent changes will be made to the Errata page on Reapergames.com and will be updated within the week. This post will be added to the stickied thread at the top of the forums to aid in finding it.


Summary of Asylum Testing 9/23/05

0 errata (a printing problem)

0 actual changes (the mechanics as presented just aren't saying/doing what we want them to say/do)

3 previews (an upcoming spell or ability that's already mentioned on a data card or in print)

0 clarifications (the material is already in the book but some people are doing this one way, some another, this is the way it's supposed to work).


Errata (printing problems)



No Errata needed this week.


Changes (mechanics changes)



No Changes needed this week.


Previews (upcoming spells/abilities)



Holy Burst

AoE/2, Target:Caster. All models without the Undead Special Ability inside the area of effect of the spell are healed for one point of damage. All models with the Undead Special Ability inside the area of effect of the spell are wounded for one point of damage. When resolving against the caster or a friendly model the +2 CP Bonus is given; resolving against a non-friendly or Undead model is done with the base CP of the caster.



Judgement gives the model +1 MAV versus Evil models and auto Coup de Grace's them.


Summoned/[Caster type]

The owner of a Summoned/ creature may choose not to deploy the model as usual during the deployment phase. Activation cards are not added to the deck for any such models kept in reserve. Once play begins a caster of the appropriate type (Mage or Cleric) may use an Invoke Special Ability action to bring the summoned model into play within 2" of the caster provided that the model may not appear in base to base contact with an enemy model. The summoned model may not act this turn and its activation card is added at the end of the current action phase. Summoned models do not leave a corpse behind once removed from battle, so any special abilities that affect corpses (i.e. Vampiric Feeding, Crossing Death's River) are not able to be invoked.


Clarifications (explanations of mechanics)




No Clarifications needed this week.


As always we ask that you keep any replies to this post on topic with the subjects presented here; please start a new topic on the forum with new or unrelated questions.

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Holy Burst is going to be really nasty to the undead players. Does it require LOS like fireball?

It is centered on the caster.

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