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We played a 2500 pt game last night, using a +1 to ECM across the board. I think +2 to ECM is the right number, as standing still and firing missiles twice is pretty deadly at long range. It does seem odd, though, that missiles damage things without regard to armor strength. I'd prefer to see missiles handled something like indirect fire, with a lock-on roll (perhaps vs the original ECM) followed by a damage roll (at a higher plus than 2, perhaps around 5 since they've already hit).


The main point of the test, though, was my theory (mentioned in this forum several times) that certain upgrades are broken. Accurized and armor should scale with the strength of the unit. I gave a Rhino and a Mastodon both upgrades and left them in the open all game (albeit at 40+ inches). Neither one ever took a point of damage (though the Rhino's point defense turret helped). Accurized should be 2 points per weapon (DA, IA, and MA) times the # of damage tracks (or maybe 10% of the base model cost), and Armor should be 5 points per damage track (or maybe 5% of the base model cost). That leaves aside the effects of giving a model with Blaster the Accurized upgrade...


One other question -- if Air units are flying nap-of-the-earth, why do airborne troops scatter? I'd have them scatter 1" in a random direction.

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