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Warlord night at GameWyze in Plano

Mad Pat

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Come Wed Oct 5th for Reaper Games night.


We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance.


Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules.


For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along a 750 point Warlord army or a 1500 point CAV force.


We will try to play in the main gaming area if not look for us next door in the overflow room.


Game Wyze

3825 Spring Creek Pkwy

Suite 201

Plano, TX 75023

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Normally we run till around 10 or so. The shop is open till 12.


How many game boards will depend on how much space we have to fight the Confrontation guys for, but we should be able to have one really big game or two med size games setup.


If you have extra armies bring them for new folks.


Mad Pat

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