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I have an HP Photosmart 315 (x2.5 Digital Zoom, 2.1 megapixels). When taking pix of my minis, I can't seem to strike a balance between being close enough for detail and far enough away for a sharp pic. Any advice? Or am I just doomed with this camera?  ???
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Well, I can't speak specifically for that type of camera, but my experience is that even though it appears that you're taking the picture from a distance, you can zoom in using your photo-software (ie. adobe photoshop, photosuite, etc.)

See, when I have the macro function on and everything set up right on my Sony, I'm still a good distance away.  But, when I edit the picture I can zoom in and see incredible detail even though I was nearly a foot or more away.  Hope that helps!  :)

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I have Photoshop at home, so maybe I'll give that a try. If I'm less than 3' away though, things start to blur. The problem -I'm told- with digital zoom (on the camera) is that it doesn't sharpen the image, it just magnifies it.
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You've been told right.  Try to see if your camera has a Macro feature on it.  This should let you move in to within a foot.  Otherwise, make sure you've got the highest setting chosen for your pixels (ie, 1024 x 1024 or higher).  This will let you manipulate the photo better in Photoshop and not lose any pixels.

Of course, if you don't have the macro feature, take the best quality photo you can from the min. distance possible and fiddle with it in Photoshop.  


Let us know how it goes!  :)

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Well, I use a Photosmart 215, and I have achieved very satisfactory results with the following settings. (Also, I use two desk lamps fitted with blue daylight 60 wtts bulbs)

0.- Use a tripod

1.- Select the higher size of pic

2.- Disable flash

3.- Select Macro mode

4.- Set the model at roughly 4-6 inches away

5.- Press halfway down the camera button to focus(On the lcd display, the image looks sharper)

6.- Press all the way down the button.


Presto!, now you have a pic. I normally don't use the digital zoom, but fiddling with the distance to the mini, I have managed to get consistently good looking pics.


Hope that helps.

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