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Vandorendra, Demon DHL #2633


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Here's the front: Vandorendra Front


Here's the back: Vandorendra Back


This was done as a commission piece, lot's of mindbending NMM on this one, tried for the hyper wow factor with all the gold and multiple kinds of steel as well as really pushing the skintones and vibrancy of the whole piece while maintaining a peaceful pallette. Her face was a "Demon's face" originally, with kind of a reptile feel to it, but I sort of resculpted it to be "pretty". Didn't want an ugly face to ruin the job I wanted to produce on this piece. I've wanted to paint her since day one...glad I waited until I was properly insane enough to realize my visions of NMM Nirvana. The scales are the roughest part of the fig I know, I know...but they look good in the overall presentation still. Gotta get my mind wrapped around the concepts that Elouchard has for working with glazes and washes on scales, my highlighting method takes WAY too long on pieces like this.


Just an insane mini with beacoup detail...I literally broke my brush on this piece. Rip trusty 002. ::(: Luckily my order for ALL NEW BRUSHES should be here tomorrow or day after. Woohoo! New brushes! :bday:

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Whoever is getting that is going to be extremely happy to see her on his shelf every day!! :wub:


Whoever could it be?? ::P:::D:


(enters an alternate reality where everything is an episode of "Family Feud")


Game Show Host: ... And what's your answer?


Me: Uhh, .... Gus Landt?


Game Show Host: Survey Says ......


(returns to this reality before the results are revealed)


Does this mean we'll see it added to the top shelf gallery?

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The nmm is beautiful, well-realized, and masterfully painted, the skin tones are great, and the colors of the snakey parts are very naturalistic, but may favorite parts are her face and hair. She is lovely, and her hair is absolutely stunning.


A triumph, Darkstar. She's going to be a more-than worthy addition to Gus's already impressive collection.

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