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Yellow And Blue Makes . . .

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Normally, I like mounted figures. Lady Denova, though . . . unless I can convince myself that she's in the process of jumping off, she's not doing it for me. I'm guessing she's supposed to be riding sidesaddle, but it looks like she's sliding off and is about to end up on her kiester on the ground.


Thoth, however, I like. He'll be on my wish list when he comes out. The specter and the sorceress are nice, too.

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I love all the greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeens.


Is Lady Devona really the Mounted Mage and not a Captain as her title states in the greens? She looks incredible.


In the photo for Thoth, Keeper of Scrolls the base looks like a cavarly base. Is this a new big'un coming soon to a desert near Sokar?

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I don't really see how Lady Devona is planning to fight side-saddle like that. It looks awkward. However, I can only hope that it looks like she's falling off because this one is a two-parter with the rider entirely separate from the horse and it's a bad blue-tac job.. :)



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...But you didn't hear it from me, OK?




And Thoth, the Keeper of Scrolls, looks better in person than in the picture. I am a happy camper.


There will be another couple of golems in the Nefsokar army, but no plans at present for Isis: Goddess of Fertility and Battle (that's more of a Norse concept, I think...)


Devona is, indeed, a mounted mage. And a leader model for the Ivy Crown Lancers. Double your pleasure, double your fun. She is rididng sidesaddle (they actually had saddles for that, too). I promise that neither the lancer Sergeant nor Jehanne, the cavalry Warlord, will be sidesaddle. But if we ever do a mounted Duke Gerard, on the other hand... :rock:

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Must have the lady scorceress...Oh the conversions I foresee....:devil:


Lady Devona...kinda reminds me of GW's, Morgana though IMHO, I'll have to see that one in person before I decide...but I really Love the flowing gown and cloak.

The horse too is a little GW-ish through the mane ...except with the addition of the breastplate and reins though it helps alot


I'm really lovin' the Vampiress...A dio. waiting to happen ::D:

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