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Ogg, Beastrider Sgt (WIP update)


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I know I shouldn't work when I am tired... The shirt and NMM came out reallt bad Ignore them.


The bottom one I did this with my microscope. It's only a dream..It's only a dream..It's only a dream..



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Wow, that dog is cool. Are you going to highlight the black some more?


The face-shot of the goblin is creeping me out..



I am not sure what I am going to do with the black. The nose I will bring up some more but most of the goblin needs to be redone. I started to get tired when I started him. Not happy how he came out.


As for the face shot, That's what I thought when I took it.

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Here is an update. I need to finish a couple more things on this one. That's ok. I think that my wife threw away his arm by accedent. At least I have something to work on in while I get a replacement.


This is his other side as well as his face.




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really like the fur on the beast, damn nice!!!


thou right now looks like he got into a battle with a Crusador sword, :)


like the colors it's brighter then I would do a gob, but he's a leader & he wants to stand out from his lesser troops,



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Cool gobbie. The checkered shirt and yellow paints makes me think of he is some sort of gobbie jockey like Hexxenhammer alluded to ::D:. Love the dog too!



I was shooting for something other then just a flat yellow vest with white pant and shirt.




Post that yellow recipe please. I've got a dancing girl that's getting a yellow piece and would like to know how you did it.


Well it's really not a recipe they are Delta Ceramcoat paints. Hear is what I do SC/RD


Must start with white primer or at least white paint!

Base is Golden brown

Mid color is straw

Highlight is Bright yellow.


I would then spray with dull coat.

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