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What pets do ya have?


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what pets do you have, just curious, I've got two dogs and a ball python

We have three cats.. a Maine Coon. a Calico and a black and red tabby of some sort.. mostly black with red mixed in there.


The Maine Coon is named Merlin.. (because of the beard)

the Calico.. Callie

and the Black one is Cenoki (after the Cenoki from Sailor Moon for those anime fans out there.. my wifes fav anime for some reason) :)


I want to get a African Gray Timeh parrot but not sure when I will be able to though :)

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We have a beagle (Baxter) and an orange cat (Oliver AKA Ollie)



I only like orange cats. For some reason, orange cats usually have the perfect balance of personality and autonomy.


Dakota & Amos






I can't seem to attach or link images with the new web setup, so I used links.

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does kids count???


a 6 year old girl & a 3 year old son.. :)


he he


we've been thinkin about gettin a dog or 2 but right now we've told my daughter she needs to earn it, that was last school year...........................dum de dum, ha ha


I wouldn't mind having a german shepard myself or a beagle.. (got the backyard for a pet thou)


Randy M

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