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Ok so I discovered the www.drunkendwarves.com and then Phigs Mini's this summer.


To my recent dismay, he has closed his site down.


Does anyone know where I can obtain any of these really cool figs(other than writing the creator?)

And has anyone played this?


Look like it'd be a hoot.


Yes, I see the similarity to Blood Bowl, but to be honest, I've never played BB and don't know how fast/slow it is.





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Bloodbowl is a pretty decent game, actually - and still has a really strong cult following.


If you get the opportunity to check it out, I'd recommend it. I've got a nun team I'm slowly working on from Shadowforge. I'm thinking of calling them the "Sisters of No Mercy"

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Ah, tethercat...a truly entertaining game. Just gotta make sure the cat is stunned the first time you hit it. Those claws can hurt.


Yes but to be a true tether-cat artist you have to learn how to avoid the claws with out stunning the cat. It's all about style. :blues: Only an amature plays with a stunned cat. :devil:

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