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Painted Showcase Gallery Update


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espically Derek's work, very awesome stuff!!


Also Chris Smith's work on Sister Kendra's sheild is awesome, love those colors!!


oh & you too Anne :) he he awesome work on the HoJ, been wondering what color to paint that thing, kinda spooky thou to see Assassin on it's Warlord card & think ummm Crusador??? ha ha



Randy M

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Beautiful work on Kristianna, Anne.


Superb job on the anti paladin - so dark, like Brom style. Great work as always, Derek!



My sentiments exactly. Matthias the Twisted is also an excellent piece of work. Color use is mind boggling. Also like the limited palette on the ghost king.


Love these gallery updates, and every time we get one, it's like christmass all over. If only they could be more frequent...

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Michael's ghost king looks great as do John's bard and elf. A fine batch from Chris Smith as well, and is that Rachel's first figure in the gallery? Well done, all around.


Beautiful work on the Mother Superior, Anne! The dog and the hound, too. And the harpy does look cute, despite her claw-hands. The dusky skin tones on the harpy and your recent female dervish (Julie's sculpt) are working well for you -- the eyes really stand out and sparkle.


Thanks for the compliments, guys. I used Pro-Paints for Matthias, and MSPs for the anti-paladin -- Ron suggested the black armor, purple(ish) hair, and pale skin. Maybe she will show up for Goth night at the Church in a couple of weeks. :;):



first post

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Do you have a gallery somewhere's that we can look thru (obviously other than those just posted)? Simply awesome color combinations.


You ain't teaching one of the painting classes at the RAC are you?

No there isn't one that I know of.


And yes he is teaching a few classes (both painting and sculpting).

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I am teaching at the RAC -- two classes on lighting effects, one on freehand details, and one on basic sculpting. Look for "Derek Schubert". I will probably digress into color choices, too, though it will be a shorter digression in the sculpting class ("green or brown?"). :;):


And no, I don't have a website or gallery yet, but one of my goals for the next few months is getting one started. I'm still learning how to use my camera....


Michael, I'm looking forward to seeing the Ghost King and your other new stuff in person!



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