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Excitement I didn't want


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So I am in the kitchen cooking my dinner on the electric stove. No biggie. I walk from the kitchen to the livingroom and am suddenly accosted by a huge wall of rotten egg smell - Gas.


So I turn off the stove, grab the phone and the dog and ran out the back door and called 911. Within minute I had all of the Pumpkin Hook district Fire Department here. (Out here in the middle of nowhere the entire department answers a call.)


They smelled the gas too, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from and their meters weren't picking up anything. They turned off the gas to the Hot water tank and furnace. After 45 minutes they left.


RG&E comes over as they are supposed to do after the reporting of any gas leak. They check things out.


They found the leak. The people who installed our hot water heater a month ago apparently never tightened a valve going to the hot water heater well enough. So it's fixed, and my Parents who were out of town today are not very happy right now with the company that did the installation work in our basement. <_<

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gald to see your ok, one time at work the propane on the floor buffing machine was leakin & you coild smell that nasty stuff almost all way up front (it was near the back of store). Janitor rushed that thing outside


hope your parents can do something about the work that company didn't do..


Randy M

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