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LOL Erion, even if you didn't make that comment about the Guardian Beast, it would have been the first thought going through my head too.


Nice batch, except for all those big metal machines and stuff ::P:

<Runs and hides from the CAV diehards>



I like the Half Orc. Armor detail is nice. I'm hoping those arms aren't too thick so you can bring his hands together to make some weapon swaps possible.


I am surprised about the new Vampire models. Haven't seen those in awhile.

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Phil the Hill Giant :wub: new kitty. He's gonna hug him and love him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George. Phil :wub: George. George is his friend.



Awwwww noooooooooo.


George broken. Phil cry. Fix George! George no be fixed?




Phil :down:





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Is guardian beast some kind of a golem?


Great stuff today. I especially like ritterlich mage - simple, yet efective model.


The Guardian Beast is akin to the Guardian Angel, the Celestial Lion and the Hound of Judgment. It's a angelic spirit who enjoys killing evil.

Nasty little creature!

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Guardian beast is nice, if a bit static. Too bad it doesn't come in multiple parts so we could get 5 and form... nevermind...


The Sasquatch seems ready to pummel someone to the ground. I think it's one of the best in this batch.


The Satyr is a bit more ferral than what I would have liked to see, and could use more detail. Of course I have seen a few Satyr paintings where they are depicted as quite ferral, so I guess that's just a matter of taste.


The vampires and the half orc suffer from two dimensionality(the mage less so than the other two), but are all good sculpts nonetheless. The vampire lord's head looks a bit out of place, but can easily be swapped. The armor is exquisite.

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Oh Great, an armoured Celestrial Lion....

Oh Great, it has wings...


Oh Great!


(But my Grave Horror is cuter)



Is not....


I'm speechless. Here's why: 1) There's now a Julie Guthrie sculpt in my fave faction. 2) AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!

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