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Arbitrary questions Game

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Wow, it's been a while. But anyhow, I thought I'd just come back and start a version of a very popular game on my other forum, let it not be names for fear of banishment. To play:


Poster 1: What is your favorite color?

Poster 2: Red.


What is the closest thing to you that starts with a c?

Poster 3: Coffee.

Can I lick you?



And so on and so forth. This will be the only post without an answer above the question. Let's begin.


What is the largest book you've ever read?

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Oh wow that's one interesting sig pic. :blink::blink:


Anyways I'm trying to even think of the last book I read...It's been a while. Ever since I graduated from grad school reading has lost its charm, and all the books I pick up to start trying to read are just to predictable. Even Harry Potter was to predictable for me and I haven't seen the movies so I couldn't blame it on that.


I think the longest book I ever read was "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Attwood. Very involved book and one I found to NOT be predictable. It was written in the 1980's and the city named "Gilead" in the book is actually Syracuse NY.


EDIT: What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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The Arian Heresy, which stated that God the Father created God the Son, and there was a time when the Son was not. This heresy was condemned, and the eternal nature of Christ was reaffirmed.


What does the designation "GNDN" mean on some of the conduits in technical shots in Star Trek:TNG?

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