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not soap operaish, just a way to keep all the characters connected. there has to be connections to all of these people and the two main ones right now are the connection between pete & nathan. . .cliare is nathan's daughter, nathan and pete are brothers, pete & issac both like the same woman, nathan is connect to the mob guy in vegas, which then connects the other half of the cast. hiro and ado to jessica/niki via the internet, jessica/niki to the cop, matt, via the hit. . .it's a comic book come to life. think about all the relationships that surfaced throughout the x-men books.





does this sound obsessive?

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No, because I knew all that too (Psst - I deliberately left out mention of Claire's father to avoid the spoiler!). I just thought they were all way too connected given their relative ignorance of each other until recently. The one that really bothers me is the Nathan-Claire relationship - the others are mostly story driven. But come on - Nathan happens to hook up with Claire's mom 17 years ago?



Am I wrong to be bothered by this?

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