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Arbitrary questions Game

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"Brusheeees, we don't need no stinkin' brusheees. . ," wait a minute yes we do, unless we have someone else paint our minis for us.



I know some people with really good jobs that can afford to pay people to paint entire armies (and i'm talking the big warhamster armies)



would you rather have a wall/shelf/closet/room of shame or pay someone else to paint for you?

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Unless I was making millions a year, I'd rather have the closet of shame. Because if I'm going to pay someone to paint for me, they're going to be employed by me as one of my full time painting staff, which is going to be composed of 4-5 people like Marike, or Jen, or Anne, or Phil, or Derek, or Lili, or...well, you get the idea. I don't mean to offend by leaving anyone out. Anyway, if I'm going to pay someone to paint my stuff, then ALL of the figures are going to be top-notch.



Is that too big a dream?

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