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Arbitrary questions Game

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Because my fiancee and I live in her parents basement. They live out in the country and nobody offers highspeed that far out. Satellite costs too much to install, and the terrain around them doesn't allow for very good reception. Their satellite TV goes out on them often enough that they know it wouldn't be worth it to pay the $600 installation fee just so they can lose the signal every day.


But the day we move into an apartment in a city, we're getting DSL or cable internet! ::D:





Good enough reason for getting dial-up?

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NO! he does not. The man is displaying seriously deficient quantities of techno-lust. How will corporate America ever survive if its consumers are so reasonable as that. You will buy it even if you are not in the proper place. Move if you have to, but buy the new stuff. This is a society. You MUST LEARN THE MEANING OF CONFORMITY!!!



...okay, all better now.



You know I'm joking, right?

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Not at all. It leaves the country for those of us that can appreciate the country for what it is, rather than those that would rather view simulated country on their computer screens over a high speed connection.



Virtual Life anyone?

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no thanks, real life is much more entertaining when you see bad things happen to people.




Question from today's Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL): Isabelle raked 2/3 of the lawn in the morning and 1/4 of the lawn in the afternoon. If the lawn measures 30feet wide and 40feet long, how much more lawn did she rake in the morning as compared to the afternoon? How much lawn remains to be raked?


Sure it's two questions, but I have faith in you!!!!

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