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Arbitrary questions Game

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I'd like to die in the following scenario;


1. Drugged with painkillers so I can scarcely feel ANYTHING, I shall be placed within a cannon mounted on the front of a bi-plane..

2. A second bi-plane, also with cannon, only loaded with a sack of gold pebbles equal to my weight, shall go opposite my plane at the same speed.

3. Once within range, both cannons shall be shot with the same force, and I will collide head-first with the gold sack, either the force of the collisions canceling each other out, or the sack smashing through me thusly.

4. I shall fall to the ground, either holding the sack, or the sack inside me due to collision, over a stadium containing the superbowl, during half time.

5. My body, once impacting the ground, will be accompanied by an explosion, and 'Another One Bites the Bust' by queen will play, followed by lite fireworks.


Elaborate, eh?

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