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Arbitrary questions Game

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You have no idea...


Training for bill processing yet only being allowed to do 20 in a day (about 1 hour's supply for me) is not my idea of fun.


Since I'm replacing my beater '89 Jeep Cherokee once our tax return comes in:


Ford or Chevy?

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Car, I live in the city. I may have descended from rural stock, but I'm not going to be one of those suburbanites who think they need a Ford Superduty (or any truck, for that matter, I need to drive, not haul).


<repeat my prior question here, or just ignore it, it's all up to you>

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Looking forward to not having to drive an old '89 jeep cherokee...and 4 o'clock. I wish it was 4 o'clock...



...the first smart-aleck from another time zone that chimes in with "it's 4 o'clock here" is going to get it.::P:


On that note:


Where is it 4 o'clock in the afternoon right now?

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