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Arbitrary questions Game

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Yes....when she's about 8 or 10 years old. Then she'll be ready to join a boxing gym. :)


If I pickled a pound of powerfully potent peppers, how many pounds of powerfully potent peppers can be used against me as evidence once the fires are extinguished and the survivors questioned.

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None, unfortunatly the people ate your powerfully potent peppers which caused flames to shoot forth from their butts causing the fire. The few that survived have scorch marks and holes in the back side of their jeans and underwear.


If a woodchuck keeps chucking wood and a duck get stuck in muck, and the pig stole the how now brown cows towel. Who ate my apple?

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Nay, I head for the Big Apple, cause if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.


The statue of liberty got in a fight with the justice so blind

Over a man beating his sword into a plowshare.

"Keep your hands off of my man", yelled Liberty bashing with her torch.

The question is the man is erected and standing where?



(p.s. I love puzzle poems and riddles).

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The $5 bill


What English word is nine letters long, and can remain an English word at each step as you remove one letter at a time, right down to a single letter. List the letter you remove each time and the words that result at each step.

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