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Miniatures in popular culture


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I was at my friends house one night, painting minis, and we watched some indie flick called "The Low Life", starring Rory Cochrane and a pre-LOTR Sean Astin. Astin's character paints WWII minis.

In "Airheads", towards the end , when a bunch of people in a crowd are admitting their past nerdiness, one guy shouts out, "I used to play D&D!" Though the funniest nerd shout-out was Lemmy from Motorhead- "I used to be the editor on my school paper!" It was just funny coming from Lemmy.

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Okay, here is the earliest use of miniatures in a TV series that I can place. In one of the episodes of the Avengers (You do all remember Emma Peel, right?). There is a murder sequence involving a character playing a tabletop wargame in order to save his life. It had moving vehicles too! Of course he lost and was killed by one of the defending cannon pieces on the opposing side.


Now if I could just figure out which episode that was.

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That's one of my favorites. Ya wanna quest of your own?  Go find a copy each of that and "Mazes and Monsters." :oo: Though I was going to go mad getting ahold of those.

Ahh, I so love a challenge...




I would actually have both if they were offered on DVD, since I threw away my VHS player and Tape deck, and traded all the movies and tapes into Half Price books for a grand whopping $10.90


For those who want them...


Monsters and Mazes


Cloak and Dagger


Now to get them released on a format that won't degrade with every viewing...and no...LaserDisk doesn't count cause it's a PITA

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*Digs out the Necronomicon and casts Raise the very long dead*


I could have sworn there was a somewhat newer thread about this topic?


Anyways, I'm puttering away with transferring DVDs to HDD, and came across Columbo Season 8, Episode 4; Grand Deceptions. 

The murderer has bought a large set of prepainted soldiers and set them up to represent the 'Charge of Cemetery Hill' in Gettysburg, and is using the 'setup time' as an alibi. 

He gets two shipments; books and minis, the one in the morning he claims to be books, and the one in the evening is supposedly the minis(the case is marked with 'Military miniatures') but he receives the minis in the morning ad set them up during the day, then spend barely a minute unpacking and placing the books on the shelves, and use the rest of the 2 hours to murder his victim.  

He is foiled when Columbo realises that the box that was not marked with 'Military miniatures' (and should therefore have contained the books) wasn't large enough to hold the books.



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