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I missed ReaperCon last year, but hope to make my first one in 2006. I've been away from painting for a few years now. But this past year - and the last few months in particular - I've been lurking here, waiting for that spark...


And so it happened. I have ordered my first batch of Reaper Master Series paints as a Christmas gift from my wife. Just a few triads to start with. I already have a decent set of Vallejos that haven't been opened yet. But I needed some triads to help me as I forget everything I ever knew about painting and start anew.


I'll be watching the forums more closely for tips, tricks, and methods now that I am almost ready to begin again. I just need to set myself up a good paint station and I'll be ready to slap paint with you all!


Hope to see you at the Con in May!





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I just hope that I'm able to come to Rcon 06, as I don't know if anyone has heard or read about but Albertson's is up for sale & right now there is pending bid for it by a combination of bidders, mainly CVS wanting the drug part of the chain, a Supervalue (I think that it) out of Minnesota wanting to buy a bunch of stores & a company back east, as well as a investment company, which means I might be out of a job here soon, if the chips fall unfortunately my way, I hope of course that it doesn't happen right away, cause I'm defeintly not ready for something like this, I don't even know what I would do if I did lose my job. The house, the bills, etc etc, espically with my area not being a hotbed of jobs or anything, heck your lucky enough to even have a decent job in Eastern Oregon, actually, maybe this is sign for me to think about switch sides of the state, hmmmmm.


to make matters worse, is my wife also works for Alby's as well so that a double wammy. I'm just hopin for the best right now, I want to come but right now life takes center stage, heck I've started to think about sellin off some of my rpg & other doodads I have around the house that I dont' want or defiently want to get rid of, also with being here for 3 years I've acquired so much crap I need to start tossin some of it just so I don't have to move if the unfortunate event occurs, wich I hope doesn't for my family's sake.



well see I guess.


Randy M

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Just have to have faith and pray my friend. Not knowing your town, I would still say that if the store itself is doing well (good location, decent business), then it shouldnt matter if it is sold. You'd just be wearing different color nametags.


But, I'll add your family to our prayer board.

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hey isn't that a member of the WWF tag team Demolition?? ha ha


Good news for me, Albertson's IS NOT selling, they pulled the sale of the company off the market last week, so that in itself was a grand christmas present to me, my wife & my family. Basically they pulled the sale off due to the lack of quality bids for it, so in turn they are gonna keep the company, just restructure it & drop under performing stores in such. My store doesn't do so hot but they are the only one in this area (60 miles from Boise ID) + they are in the same town at Waldoworld so that in itself is a factor (ie competition). So for the most part, my wife & I still have a job, so i'm hopin that I can still make it down to Denton come this May, besides heck it's my birthday weekend, gotta give myself a present or 2 sometime this year, ha ha


thanks to all that replied in response to my posting, I really appreicate it.



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Yay, Haldir!! That's great news!


It's pretty official (why does that look like it's spelled wrong?) that my hubby and I will not make ReaperCon. It's just too early in May. Thomas's birthday is May 1st, and the in-laws are working on making it down for that, so we'll have not just presents and a party to throw and pay for, but visitors as well.


In addition, no matter what job I get, it's two weeks after Filing Day. No boss I have or will potentially have will allow me time off to attend. If I stay in Course Development in the fall, I won't make the Artists Conference, either. :down: I am praying, however, that I land one of the 10 Perm jobs that I am still faxing in applications for (15 pages per app and it's taking 17 minutes to send one! :rolleyes: ) (Pray for us that I get one of these - all but one are promotions with more pay and benefits). If I land one of those Perm jobs, we might be able to attend the RAC.


Money might be tight as we're saving already to fly to Michigan next Christmas (although maybe we should do it over Thanksgiving).


Either way, I want someone to make certain to take a picture of Anne's BONK!. PLEASE?!?!?!

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