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Oh so maybe thats where it went. hmmm.

I have never taken pics of minis before and I think I want to post one I recently finished so I was trying to find that thread. I thought it also covered how to make a basic light box too.

I will expirement and see what happens.

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Some pointers (I'm assuming you're using a digital), make sure your camera is stable (use a tripod if you have one) and use the timer.


See if it has a macro setting for close-ups.


Set your picture resolution as high as it'll go, then you can resize it in an editor, helps keep the details.


Put as much light on the subject as you can without washing it out. If you're like me and don't have a lot of good lighting you can play with the exposure lenght, but it'll take some experimenting to get it right.


If you're using incandescant or flourescent lights they will shift the color of the picture. Usually using the automatic color correction feature of the software of your choice will fix it to an acceptable state.

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