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What merc's we still have out there?


The Spartans are alive and well and tied for first in the North Texas tournament last week. Malvernis, Ritterlich and Adonese forces all tried and died.


The Spartans ran a Hawk 6, a Mantis and two Cougars all with the accuracy upgrade. Since faction SA's weren't used I didn't feel compelled to run a pure force so I called up the Spartans, my original unit.


All three of my opponents fielded well thought out forces and each was tough. My first matchup was a Riterlich force of a Rhino, a Jaguar and two Sabretooth's. A decent deployment kept him from unloading on me on his first activation and the first chance I got I ganged up on his Rhino and dropped it with some missile and cannon fire. He dropped my Hawk 6 and a Cougar and damaged the other Cougar before I could clean him up.


My second matchup was a Malvernis force. An Assassin, a Spectre and two new one's I hadn't seen before but they had mucho indirect. I screwed up bad on my first activation and my Cougars got pounded hard by IF and my Hawk and Mantis were left out in the open. I figured I was done for and I was so upset with myself. ( Sorry Bruce. ) But things turned around a little when I dropped the Assassin. Again it was the Mantis that swept wide and cleaned up for me. The Hawk 6 seems to draw fire. LOL I was left with two heavily damaged Cougars and a wounded Mantis when that was over.


My last match was agains the Adonese. They brought a Scorpion, a Mantis and two Spiders. The Scorpions lit me up a little on early on but they unmasked to do it and the Hawk 6 and Mantis ate them for lunch with missile and cannon fire. I stumbled out in front of the Scorpion at point blank range with my Hawk and I will never do that again! That cannon barrel looked like a black hole from that close. Luckily the shot went wide and I rolled him up. Once again my Mantis cleaned up by taking out his wounded Mantis with cannon's and missiles. I lost a Cougar to some point blank fire from his Scorpion and Mantis but in pretty good shape otherwise.




What we learned:


1. The Mantis is awesome.

2. Starhawk 6's draw fire.

3. The Cougar, though an outdated design, still holds up.

4. The Assassin is a CAV to be affraid of.

5. Never try and take on a Scorpion at point blank without overwhelming firepower.

6. Merc's can still get it done. :devil:

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Top Posters In This Topic

While my primary is Rach, I've also got an Independent force that mostly Malvie units. It is serving two purposes:


1) an excuse to buy models from any of the factions


2) a way to surruptitiously build other faction forces, or throw together a force to fit the situation at hand.


The Rach will be my workhorse, but if it's a tournament w/o faction abilities it'll probably be the indies that deploy.

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I kinda like what Crazy8 has got going in the UFF topic and got inspired by it.

For a merc force what is your favorite:


1) Super Heavy CAV

2a) Superiority CAV (expensive)

2b) Superiority CAV (mid-priced)

2c) Superiority CAV (cheap)

3) Suppression CAV

4) Support Fire CAV


Please explain your choice.


1) As for super heavies I like the Rhino, for it's direct fire potential (both DA and MA) at low cost.


2b) So far I'm thinking the Assassin is the best mid-price Superiority CAV, it's best competition being the Dictator.


3) I'm thinking Vanquisher is a good option since it's SA's make it the ultimate soft-killer and AA unit while still being able to hurt hard targets (linked definitely helps here). It's a bit pricey though.

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Well, I'm putting my mercenary force together right now... I still haven't decided on a name but have narrowed most of my choices down as far as equipment.


My choice for Fire Suppresion CAV: The Sovereign III

I chose the Sovereign because:

A) It's one of my 5 favorite looking CAV's. :poke:

B) I am trying to avoid fielding any Terran forces since they are my main faction and a merc force gives me an excuse to buy "the other guys" mini's. ::D:

C) It has Range 36, AOE/3, Barrage, Counter-battery AND FRS!! :blink: They don't make Support CAV's any better then that.

D) It costs a ridiculously low 305 points. If I played Templar I'd probably field a pair of these babies all the time.

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I like the Conqueror for fire support. AOE/4 is rather nice, plus Barrage, Chain Fire, Counterbattery, and FRS, drawback compared to the Sovereign III, Ammo Hog rather than Shielding and 4" less range, and close to same points (waiting for printing to see final value). The AOE/4 is what does it for me. But since Rach is my primary faction force, I'll probably be going with the Specter for my fire support CAV for an independent force.

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