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The Greater Empire of the Rach


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Currently for smaller games I try to use as many dictators as possible... with a small amount of 70s thrown in, as the dictator has yet to fail me. My inventory of KODA WORKS is:

2 70 dictator, 6- 60 dictator, 2-tyrant, 3 vanquisher, a conqueror, 4 khan, 4 malfactor, 4 despot, 4 kharl, 4 badger, 4 warden and all the infantry i will ever need.


my thoughts on Rach forces

I really really like dictators. They are a great all around CAV. At the RAC I found a love for the Tyrant. It is dirt cheap considering it has 12 DV and has linked/2. A small RAV upgrade and it becomes a killing machine. Vanquishers are basically the shredder version of the dictator. It has more move and less range. It melts aircraft and infantry with ease. I have yet to use my conqueror so I cant say much about it. Tankwise I like the despot more than the malefactor but it is more expensive. I will usually take despots over the malefactor if I have the points as it could be mated to chain fire with the conqueror (which has frs).

Ive always had a soft spot in my black heart for the Khaaaaaaan!!! It is fast, has decent armor (10) and is capable of pretty good close range damage thanks to esm. Badgers are okay. I dont use infantry too often but they are the only transport I have. I dont use gunships too often but I suppose the Kharl is okay. It has a bunch of move and linked missles. I think a shredder or hunter missle would be a good addition to it though (hint hint reaper peeps). I just got my warden and cant comment on its value because I havent used it yet.


Units I plan on getting....

for sure getting the Emperror- I mean come on, its the emperror. The dominator is high on the priority list for sure. I proxied two of them for the RAC tourney and they were great. Just sit back and fire missles across the table and pound your enemy with DA when they get into range. They are a great buy too. I definately need a prince too. As bad as a dictator and less points. I ll give up my missles any day for another damage track and linked/2. I may pick up an opressor. I like that it has 2 DA plus a flamer(though puny) and that is just over 200 points. for gunships I will probably pick up a pack of Baracudda and retire two of the Kharls. They look a bit better to me and have recon which I like. The brigand and Vagabond will be added to my inventory to fill out the unit types as I have no FV at this time.


Red Rules

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