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The Greater Empire of the Rach


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played a 2,000 point game today with one of our players... i did field a RACH force


Primary Armor

Dictator 70

Dictator 60x2



Mech inf

Bears X2

armored rifle with 6 satchel charges x2


secondary flight 2 barracudas


took out a section of Ghasts and a Rhino


my opponents other rhino and mastadon cleaned my clock, did cause damage to both but he got lucky on repair rolls


in retrospect i think I would have taken more infantry....


played no mercy doctrine (beta version) while the plus 2 mov is nice i think i like the do an additional point of damage per attack better i.e children of the storm

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If you were playing No Mercy Doctrine then you should've been getting an extra point of damage per successful infantry CC attack. Don't forget that Children of the Storm gives you a +2 modifier at Point Blank Range for non-infantry models as well as the (now optional) +2 Mov -1 DV. CotS can be tricky to use, especially if you don't have a lot of terrain to use for cover, though now with the more accurate IAs that might not be as helpful. I haven't had much luck with Barracudas and would probably drop those and used the extra points to swap one of the D60s for a second D70 or more Jackals to provide ECM cover for the CAVs. If you were using No Mercy, more infantry would definitely have been in order.

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well played a 3000 point force with no mercy again.... did not get close enough to make it effective though...


my opponent saw that infantry coming and just lit them up... did not helped that as usual my Dice rolls were their usual (castlebuilder and outek and OS know what i mean) :mellow:


anyhow... having more fun with rach again.. Jackals proved thier worth lit up a spectre in combination with malefactors and caused hurt on a katana and falcon before they got fried <_<


I am definitely looking at rebuilding my Rach Forces.. i.e tator 70's malefactors etc.... i cant wait to see the unreleased Rach models i.e Bear, Barracuda, Jackal, etc.... definitely want to build those moguls :devil:

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well, I am deffinitely looking at expanding my Rach Forces...


I am looking at the following over the coming months


4 dictator 70's

8 dictator 60's

6 malefactors

4 conquerors

6 Khans

8 wardens

2 emperors

4 despots

6 moguls

10 tsukai (proxies for Bears) unless i can figure something that would look even cooler

bits needed to make following

8 castlebuilder special Jackals :devil:

6 kraken.... have to take a look at the boneyard and see what would look ubercool :devil:


as castlebuilder can tell ya, i am a serious CAV addict.... the collection I have (about 25,000 points +/- I have procured in a little over a year... I think CAV is an awesome game.... i will be honest If i was limited to one Game CAV would be it...... Warlord my second then others such as Warmachine etc....

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No, I have more than enough Models. I'm fine not seeing anything new.





Are you out of your ever loving skull!?!?!








Of course we want more! I won't be happy until Koda Works churns out so many CAV that they run out of metal and have to start constructing their CAV out of adobe.

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