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Warriors widow and her daughter


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Yes I know I'm a scatterbrain - my ideas tend to come loads faster than my sculpts so usually I end up with some eight simultaneous projects...

I've allways felt there is a lack of parents in miniatures. So I imagined an adventuring mum and her daughter and roughed up a sketch:



I imagine her as a warriors widow forced to strike out on her own.


While it is nice and all I wanted something more dramatic for a sculpt so decided on a pose where the mum was throwing a knife and holding a sword while the daughter stands half hidden behind her leg and fires her "weapon" (what's the english name for this thing. She has it in her belt. Every kid has made one and you use it to shoot pebbles with it. I imagine her as being very proficcient with it and a great help to her mum against those monsters ::): ).

So far just started on the basic shape of the mum. Took an old skull excercise that I had lying around upon which to build the face:


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That would be good ol' smash-mouth American Football, my friend. Played soccer a bit as a kid and helped coach my little brother's team when he was in grade school, but otherwise don't really know a whole lot about soccer. Not really that widely availble to watch here in the states.




Oh, and somebody actually read that thing eh?? Cool!

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OK, well american football aint readily available here in Sweden :poke: . Though the big brother of my daughters best friend actually plays in the (very small) junior league we DO have.

Reason I'm asking is since my first paid job sculpting is soccer players (no american football I'm afraid)

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Styates: Generic but with two heads for each figures and all heads between all figures exchangeable - for some possibilities for the customer to make them a bit more personal.

Dargrin: I'll finish them all... In due time :poke:::P:

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Well, I get the feeling that most companies order figures based on their own conceptsketches or ideas.

The market seems to be quite small for allready finished minis and I would NOT want the hassle of trying to sell and package on my own. If anyone knows of a company that would be interested in purchasing allready finished figures I would sure ask them if they're interested.

One that springs to mind might be magnificent egos but I don't know.

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I'll post update pictures tomorrow. Last few days I've been to the countryside with just "cosy" light available so I did some work during the evenings and then got a mild shock in daylight :wacko: . Think I'll be able to fix it though.

Just mum yet. The daughter is still only a basic armature.

Since one of mums arms will extend to the front I'll cast the underarm separately and I decided to cast the other one separately as well.

Since she's wearing a wide shirt and vambraces the seam will come naturaly along the vambraces, ball joint so the arm can be slightly adjusted by the person building her together.


Then I got carried away and thought: Hey, why not make three sets of underarms?

So for the extended arm I'll make:

1. Throwing a dagger

2. Throwing a fireball (including fireball)

3. Holding a gun (For a "cyberfantasy" look)


And for the other arm:

1. Holding a sword

2. Holding a wizards staff

3. Holding a motorcycle helmet


Think that's a pretty neat idea if I may say so myself ::):


By the way, the skull idea was stupid. I clipped it of and made a new head from scratch.

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Update. Here seen with the "spellcasting" underarm. No details added to it yet.

I actually made a little wirearmature for the hair to get it flowing out.

Tried to go for a "reaper style" - did I succeed so far?

I measured the size next to a male barbarian figure so she might be a bit tall for a woman (haven't got any females to measure by) but then again she's supposed to be a veteran warrior, not some sort of dandy princess type.

Eyes will get eyelids of course :poke:


Armor is hardened leather cuirass and armplates. Armplates will be studded. For the abdomen it will be soft leather laced in the back. What do you think of that armor design? Realistic or not?


For the long shirt hanging down I have only roughed the "block" between her legs to facilitate casting. Feet and lower legs are still only basic shapes

Her trousers are laced along the sides (doesn't show in this picture I guess)


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