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My first minies - the series


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Hi everybody.


This is my first visit here, have been looking over the shoulder of my husbond a couple of times and decided to give it a go on my own.


Here is some pics of the first (and so far only) minies I've paintet. I painted the very first (the sorceress) soon after I met my husbond about 5 years ago, and the last one (the witch elf hag) this spring. So obviously there has been some very large gaps where I haven't done any work at all.


Anyway, I hope to hear some good advice...and be gentle, its my first time doing this sort of thing ::): (and not surprisingly also my first time taking pictures of miniatures, and they really show my lack of skills in that area)




So this is my first piece ever.




and my 2nd and 3rd. I think there has been some improvement already...






and a group picture. I can't take credit for the warmashine though, only the crew. The mashine is the work of my husbond, formally known as the deity of chips and salsa I believe.





This one is the last one I've completet. I was actually quite satisfied with her, but now that I see the picture, I realize that one of the blotsplatters landed right under her nose, giving a rather uncool impression of her having a nosebleed. I'll have to fix that...eventually




And a group picture of my beloved witchelves. I got really tired of doing bare skin, and I thougt it was especially difficult to get that to look good.





Soooo what do you think?

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Welcome to the boards! :)


Nice work on some tough minis to paint. (I should know, I've painted a few of these ladies myself, the thorns and such are a pain.)


I like the overall color scheme of purple black and silver, very fitting for the Dark Elves. The tinted metallics look good as well, overall very nicely done. The flocked movement tray is a nice touch as well.

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Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here. I wish I painted this well on my first minis! Good brush control. The bases are well done. The photographing of minis is an art unto itself. Check out the thread "Foto-fu?" in the shutterbug section here in the Craft Corner. Aryanun posted a wonderful PDF resource she put together--it is lengthy (but an easy read) and very helpful.

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Hi there Hamilton! Welcome tothe Boards! Personally, I like the "nosebleed" look, and think you should keep it. It makes her look all ferral and nasty! :) Good job! Keep it up says I.


Thank you. I think I like your proposal about keeping the nosebleed. If I pretend that it was on purpose I can see your point. AND - not unimportantly - it would save me from the painstaking job of trying to fix it. My experience thus far is, that it is almost impossible to cover ANY mistakes with the skincolor. No matter how many layers of paint I apply there continues to be a dark shadow - unless I do the unspeakable and use an unthinned paint and apply a thik layer, but that doesn't look good either. So...all in all: feral and nasty it is :;):





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