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Aussie/Kiwi Golden Demon

Death Angel

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Just got back from the first round of Golden Demon.


Here's the break down of how we both went.


Paul (Monkey) made it through to the regionals in 2 out of the 5 entries he put in being, 40k Squad (Grey Knights in NMM) and Fantasy Single (Skaven).


I made it through to the regionals in 4 out of my 5 entries. Squadron (6 x Pleasure Seekers), Duel (Lelith vs the Tyranid), 40 Single (Witch Hunter), 40K Large (Saint Celestine). My Wood Elf Spellsinger didn't make it (unsuprisingly, she was pretty boring). Her category was taken out by Paul and two of our mates so it doesn't sting too much! *wink*


For those of you who don't already know how the Aussie/Kiwi GD works this year I'll explain a little. We have three rounds held approximatly two weeks apart this year. Round one was today and was held in local stores with a maximum of three entries from each category making it through to the Regionals held in 2 weeks. For us Kiwis the Regionals are country wide (cause we're a little country) but I believe that Aussie has it state by state. Then the top three scorers (as long as they meet a minimum score requirment for the first two rounds) in the regionals make it through to the final round which is being held in Sydney Australia towards the end of november.


We're rather restricted with our entries too. No scenic or display bases, all models must be mounted on the game legal slotta base. No Open section, and all duels must be on either a 50x50mm square or 60mm round base. Standard movement trays can be used for units but no display boards.


So it's all been rather intersting and just a little bit (OK a whole great big huge bit) nerve racking. My hands were shaking so much while I unpacked my Pleasure Seekers that I droped two of them. Luckily they just landed back in their padded box!!


So who else on the boards entered and how did you go?

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