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I'd definitely do an alternate Cold War game, even if my wife got mad at me for starting yet another game. Ahh, I can see it now, all the Abrams and Bradleys rolling across East Germany like they were meant to...



Red Star/White Star games are always a good time :) You can evens tart them out with late war WWII equipment and work your way through the years if you wish.

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Rigger, F# Yes!!!!, fat elvis, *ROTFLMAO*!!!


Ronald Regan would do it, but then again, so would a set of corrupt communist politburo who take their share from the people. put those on the Ruskies side and they will not have sheet for anything. no motivation, no decetn troops, no good war machines.


many of Rusia's best were excecuted or left becasue of fatcat comies putting the heat on their elitist brains....



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For those of you who would like to do modern conflicts in smaller scales, we now have 73 items in our N scale Modern range! (And it continues to grow!)


Having been in the USAF for 20 years, I've always had an interest in the "What-If's" with NATO vs Warsaw Pact and possible Mainland China invasion attempt at Taiwan!


What got me into warGAMING was when I was a wee little nipper and my Dad once asked me, "What do you think it would have been like if Custer had a couple of Thompson SMGs and a couple of thousand rounds at the Little Big Horn?" THAT really sparked my imagination! What if the same was at, say, Gettysburg? ,Borodino?, Islanwanda?, etc.


Sometimes I think we historical guys have lost touch with our imaginations! ::o:



Tom Dye

GFI :blues:

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I'm running an alternative history game in February at Running GAGG (Geneseo's official gaming convention). Well, maybe a bit more than just alternative -- WWI starts a couple years early because the British blame the Germans, who are testing an experimental ice-melting machine (designed for whaling ships) in the North Atlantic, for the sinking of the Titanic. The Kaiser calls these accusations baseless, diplomacy falls apart, and war breaks out. Land Ironclads, Zeppelins, rocket-troopers and Unicycle Lancers duke it out in addition to the poor blighters in the trenches.

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