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When and where is Historicon? Chances are it wouldn't be someplace I can easily go to (remember, I don't have a car, bein' a college freshman and all...)





Also check out: http://www.hmgs.org/



Lancaster Pennsylvania. Get some friends into mini-gaming, get them fired up about it and hitch a ride. ;)

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I'd definitely do an alternate Cold War game, even if my wife got mad at me for starting yet another game. Ahh, I can see it now, all the Abrams and Bradleys rolling across East Germany like they were meant to...



Hi - New to the group. My name is Heather. I am very involved in Historical war gaming. I am a member of HMGS and run all of the painting events for their three conventions. I will also be running the painting events at Origins this year.


My favorite game system is Trench Wars. It is WWI - 28mm. The rules are fun and easy to learn. WWI is more fun IMHO because it has not been "done to death" like WWII (if I see one more Operation Marketgarden senario or "Band of Brothers" game at a convention I will scream). There are tons of great figs available also. Brigade Games has an excellent line, sculpted by Mike Owens, plus you can get great figs from Renegade, Old Glory, and several others. The games go fast and lots of bullets fly - oh, and you can field flame throwers. We have recently started gaming some Alt History scenarios (we tweaked the rules) based on Harry Turtledove's WWI Trilogy. Tons of fun - did I mention the flamethrowers? Turtledove's series if you aren't familiar is based on the idea of "what if the South had won the American civil war?" or "what if European powers had entered into the American Civil War?"


You should definently get to an HMGS convention or the Historical section at Origins. Cold Wars is the next convention, Mar 17-19 in Lancaster, PA. www.coldwars.org



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Too late, wargaming as it was known is as good as dead. The hobbyists allowed the figure companies to create a gaming atmosphere where "Use only OUR figs to play OUR ruleset" rather than WYSIWYG, is now the norm. The market has swollen from this festering tumor that kills a few FLGS's as each [game]boil bursts. necrosis will soon set in.


Although this might be true for Fantasy and Science Fiction. It is not even remotely true for Historical miniatures.


The only game and company that even begins to approach this on the historical side is Flames of War, and I have not seen a single game or tournament that requires that you use only their figures. Even the games workshop rulesets don't even hint at this type of marketing within the historical segment.


What historicals suffer from isn't even lack of interest, they suffer from cliches. To many cliches of people that will only play one set of rules to the exclusion of all others, attitudes that are not welcoming to new players. That is what is historical miniatures is suffering from and that is the kind of attitude that we can have an impact on. If anything Flames of War is starting to break those barriers down a little because they are attracting attention at the FLGS. This is a grass roots movement and its one that historical gamers should be taking up, show people how to play, encourage them to play, show the alternate figures to use because we don't really care if your 15mm army is made up of Essex, Minifigs or old out of production Heritage miniatures we just want you to come play a game with us.

Ok, ok, Looks like i'm eating crow.





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