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750 Points Warlord Tournement: Geneseo, NY


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We have players from every faction except Overlords.


Oddly enough the way it worked out there were no duplicates of any factions, however I have confirmation that the Nefsokar player down here will be out of town that weekend.


Razigs I'm almost certain will be playing, as will Crusaders, Mercs, probably Necropolis, Reven said they'd be representing. Darkspawn will be there I think as will Reptus... It's going to be a long bloody day of gaming.


Elves probably won't be there.


Depending on how the brackets work out the dwarves may step in to level the playing field (read make the pairings work well)

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I wanted to thank all the roch guys for coming to game and give you rsupport. We all jst started 2-3 weeks ago so our matches were a little slower. It was really nice gaming and I learned more about the rules, as books only teach us so much.


Lots of fun and I hope we can do more tourneys.


the merc army whose spellcasters never survived to use all of their spells.



Rendez-vous in the Hunt room, I've been told. It's in the basement of the Student Union, and again it starts at 2pm.
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