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Zona saw blades

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Been poking around MicroMark (a very dangerous activity to my bank account) and was looking at the Zona saw blades. Do any of yall use them? If so, do you like 'em and will they fit in any of the handles provided in the deluxe x-acto knife set? (the one that comes in the wooden box with three handles) Primarily I'm looking for something to trim the bases of minis with more precision than my Dremel.

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I was looking at the jeweler's saw as I have seen them referenced before. Wanted something a little smaller and thought the Zona's fit the bill. And at just a couple bucks for the extra blades I was hoping to use them with one of my large x-acto handles thereby saving the expense of a jeweler's saw or other cutting solution and freeing up money for the resin casting starter's kit for my starship mini's ::):

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