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Basing practice

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This is my attempt at basing. I thought I would try it out on a CD instead of a mini base just to get the hang of it. Over all I am happy with it. I made the rocks, boulders, and log out of sculpey. I am more happy with the sculting than the paint. the rocks just dont look right to me. Anyways here it is.


Here is a close up on the fire. I was trying for glowing embers.


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Overall I really like it. ::D:


The only thing that is bugging me is the fire is restricted to the logs in the fire. I think a little light effects on the rocks circling the fire would make you happier.

Keeping the depth of the rocks just go for a little orange to yellow near the center to top, with a tiny bit of red at the midline.


I also think hitting the center of the log away from the fire with some ivory hotspots will give you the effect you want..but that might be the photo.


Really nice job tho it has a nice natural feel.

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It looks really great!! Plus it's completly scratchbuilt, even the stones and the log was made out of sculpey. I think the rocks look ok, I'm not sure why you don't like'em.

That fireplace looks pretty amazing too, but I'm with battleMountainminis, that you should throw some glowing on those rocks too.

If you want to improve it, you can add some different colored grass, to brake that "pretty green grass" look. But even without it, it looks good, good job mate:)



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First, let me say I really like it. A couple of small tents and the party has instant night camp.


...the rocks just dont look right to me.


BattleMountainMinis nailed the OSL on the rocks thing. In addition, the rounded smooth gray rocks are hard to find except in some stream beds and old glacial till. Most rocks are more angular - the two larger ones in the back seem more real. They also have a bit more varied color. Maybe try bits of cork for the firepit rocks to get that rough rock look? Or go with flatter rocks reflecting old flagstone type rock?

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Well here is my attemp at a lighting effect. Not very convincing but you get the idea. I also added some yellow drybrushing to the grass so it wasnt soo green as someone suggested. I didnt have any other colors of flock.


here is another close up on the fire pit.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I just need to practice.

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Lookin good!


Bring on the marshmallows and elk backstrap and ...


CAMPOUT :bday:




**River rocks + Fire pit = Very very bad idea. Fire heats up water trapped in rock, water expands, rock explodes. Try it out some time. ;) .**


Not reccomended for those without heavy chainmail protection or those without a death wish ::P:

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Looks good. Reminds me of a campsite on the cover of a Dragonlance novel.


If you do not mind me asking, what kind of prep work (primering, etc.) do you do to the cd before starting work on it?


I have a couple of large mins that would look great on a cd base but am not sure where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.



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