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That looks like crap!


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Well, yes, actually I did. There was a thread a while ago challenging us to paint a mini with nothing but cotton swabs. I had a spare Imperial Guardsman sitting around so he was my guinea pig. The pic ain't the greatest, but lighting conditions today are less than optimal. I really need to get around to making that diffusion box. Without further ado...


The only modifications made to the swabs was I cut one in half and sharpened the plastic handle to point to get into the tight spots, interestingly enough the hollow center made it almost like using a pen. The other was to take about half the cotton off of a tip and twist it into a point for a couple areas when I was glazing/washing. Laying down the base coats and washes weren't much of a problem except for the tight bits, but my youngest helped by shaking the table, which through a chain reaction caused me to knock his arms off. Highlighting was a pain. This is strictly a dry-"tip" highlight job that didn't work so well in some spots. Didn't bother with basing. Oh yeah, I used pretty much the same scheme as my IG company so if you care to compare, follow the photobucket link in my sig, they're in the 40k folder.


edit: (yes I know, none of their eyes are painted, there's just too dang many of them, and I hate eyes to begin with. they were never to be more that tabletop quality)


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Truly, you have overcome the handicap of poor tools.


Just to clarify so no one feels like I lied, the mini above is the only one I've painted with a q-tip. I do use and used brushes on everything else I've ever painted, am painting, or plan to paint. This was a one-off never-to-be-done again job in response to a particular thread.


WOW. That's a truly Random and Bizarre quote. I like it.


@RB, actually I was wondering how bad Anne's head would spin when/if she saw that line.

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