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Beast Mistress (Non Reaper again) :(


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Hey all,


Just wanted to share this with you, to see what you think. It is a Beastmaster (or perhaps, Beastmistress?) from GW Dark Elves line. Not sure what my problem is, but I love the two beastmaster figs in this line (posted this girl's boyfriend not so long ago).


I converted her weapon, from a most decidedly un-threatening large chicken foot (really, it was a big chicken foot!) to a sword from my bits box. I don't know about you, but the only time I've been afraid of a chicken foot was after a mistaken order at a dim sum restaurant. And it actually turned out to be pretty yummy, which made me even less impressed by her original choice of weapons. Ahh, I think I'm digressing, sorry. :blink:


I'm still working on my converting skills, as you can tell by her sword hand which is a little off. I'm not sure how many times I broke off that hand and had to re-attach it, but it was WAY too many times. :(


I'm actually pretty proud of the NMM sword, it is the first time that I have been happy with how it turned out. I got a lesson from a local kick-butt painter who really helped me a lot in how to figure out where to put the highlights and how to get smooth transitions.


Anyway, enough about me! ;)


Here is the mistress. Please comment if you have a chance!







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